TUVRTotal Ultraviolet Radiometer
TUVRTolerance to Ultraviolet Radiation (skin typing)
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The calculations predicted a service life of 332 MJ/[m.sup.2] total ultraviolet radiation (TUVR) in south Florida and a service life of 408 MJ/[m.sup.2] TUVR in Arizona with service life being defined as the amount of UV radiant exposure before the polycarbonate yellowed to 6 delta Y.I.
Tenders are invited for Interlocking Of 9 Level Crossing Gates Between Kumbalam (Kumm)-Thuravur (Tuvr)- Chertala (Srtl) In Ernakulam- Alleppey Ee Kayankulam Section Of Trivandrum Division.
Tenders are invited for Annual Maintenance Contract For The Data Logger System (Hbl Make) At Vtk, Wki, Mgk, Tcr, Olr, Puk, Ijk, Cki, Afk, Awy, Klmr, Kumm, Tuvr, Srtl Makm, Allp & Ampa (17) Stations In Tvc Divn.