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TUoNThe University of Northampton (UK)
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(25.) Tuon T, Valvassori SS, Dal Pont GC, Paganini CS, Pozzi BG, Luciano TF, et al.
Otra perifrasis con tuon, con el significado <<dar a conocer>>, <<hacer publico>>, que ha sido constatada al menos una vez con el significado de <<traducir>>:
(9.) Tuon FF, Rigatto MH, Lopes CK, Kamei LK, Rocha JL, Zavascki AP.
In Gruel, Bunkong Tuon writes about episodes that feed his existence as a Cambodian American.
In fact, during and in the aftermath of all the great twentieth-century conflicts women have also probably written as much as men, often in some form of life writing, but their work has not been taken into adequate consideration (see, e.g., Vasvari, "Introduction" <http://dx.doi.org/10.7771/1481-4374.1422>) on the predominance of Holocaust life writing by survivor women, but the same pattern is now repeating itself in the wake of more recent catastrophes, such as the Cambodian genocide, as studied most recently by Bunkong Tuon.
Ngunit buo ang aking loob dahil malinaw ang aking pangunahing layunin: Ang ibalik ang gobyerno sa dapat nitong tuon -- ang paglingkuran ang taumbayan sa lahat ng panahon.
Libardi PL, Manfron PA, Moraes SO, Saad AM, Tuon RL (1996) Variabilidade da umidade gravimetrica de um solo hidromorfico.
Segundo Tuon, Moises e Minadeo (2011), o Brasil apresenta uma situacao mundialmente inovadora no varejo, que se convencionou denominar "atacarejo".
(52.) Aguiar AS, Jr., Tuon T, Soares FS, da Rocha LG, Silveira PC, Pinho RA.