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TV-AMTelevision Anté Meridian (UK, Morning Television)
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Her guest spot with the late comedian Les Dawson in 1989 on TV-AM, which is available on YouTube, is guaranteed to brighten even the greyest day.
The Richard I knew 30-plus years ago, alongside me on the TV-am sofa, would have rejected the very thought that his future self would behave in such an "inappropriate" manner.
Roland Rat proved a ratings hit when he appeared on TV-am. One of his co-creators was Anne Wood, who later brought viewers the Teletubbies.
Morris was part of the launch team at TV-am in 1983.
All this until, at least, 1994 when, according to TV-AM chairman Bruce Gyngell, Sunrise will go bankrupt.
His TV work included a slot on TV-AM and he also shared his forthright views in a column in The Journal, which said in 1992: "He has a knack of delivering the most outrageous opinion cunningly wrapped in a jolly smile and a twinkle of the eye."
The presenter, who worked on TV-am alongside Lorraine Kelly and Anne Diamond, had a heart attack hours after a bladder cancer operation.
She was a reporter for TV-am in She was a reporter for TV-am in 1988 when Pan Am Flight 103 blew up 1988 when Pan Am Flight 103 blew up in the sky over the to wn.
She went from the TV-am boss's secretary to weather girl.
Frank Bough and his chums had been having it all their own way as BBC Breakfast Time wiped the floor with TV-am during The Breakfast TV Revolution of 1983.
5 Who partnered Nick Owen to present TV-AM until he left the show in 1986?
Startled by the initial success of the BBC's offering it brought TV-am's start date forward and eventually launched two weeks after the BBC, in a fanfare of star-spangled glory.