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TV-AMTelevision Anté Meridian (UK, Morning Television)
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The Richard I knew 30-plus years ago, alongside me on the TV-am sofa, would have rejected the very thought that his future self would behave in such an "inappropriate" manner.
All this until, at least, 1994 when, according to TV-AM chairman Bruce Gyngell, Sunrise will go bankrupt.
1991: Four ITV companies, TV-am, Thames, TVS and TSW, lost their licences under changes announced by the Independent Television Commission.
His TV work included a slot on TV-AM and he also shared his forthright views in a column in The Journal, which said in 1992: "He has a knack of delivering the most outrageous opinion cunningly wrapped in a jolly smile and a twinkle of the eye.
The presenter, who worked on TV-am alongside Lorraine Kelly and Anne Diamond, had a heart attack hours after a bladder cancer operation.
She was a reporter for TV-am in She was a reporter for TV-am in 1988 when Pan Am Flight 103 blew up 1988 when Pan Am Flight 103 blew up in the sky over the to wn.
He had a short-lived term at TV-am and appeared on the shows Give Us A Clue, one-off drama Ghostwatch and Going for A Song.
Frank Bough and his chums had been having it all their own way as BBC Breakfast Time wiped the floor with TV-am during The Breakfast TV Revolution of 1983.
THE BATTLE FOR BRITAIN'S BREAKFAST BBC2, 9pm On January 17, 1983, the BBC launched Breakfast Time, British television's first national breakfast television programme, prompting ITV to bring its rival shoW TV-am to air four months ahead of schedule.
The former TV-am host left most of his estate to his two daughters but he set money aside for their mum Alison to buy a piece of furniture to be "enjoyed by generations to come".
And although Owen, a presenter with TV-am in the early 1990s, could not be there to see it in person, he said: "I'm going absolutely bonkers here.