TVAASTennessee Value-Added Assessment System
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A third-year evaluation (see Figure 1) found that Success For All schools averaged the greatest gains and highest levels on the TVAAS of six reform designs, as well as control (non-restructuring) schools.
In addition, recent analysis shows that value-added models such as TVAAS can retroactively affect a student's prior year of growth data.
Sanders' and TVAAS deserve credit for advancing thinking about assessment beyond the traditional "snapshot of a student" toward a measurement of growth over time.
TVAAS also investigated claims the council was "inconsistent and misleading" over the value of the TAD Centre, concluding that councillors were not accurately informed.
This was the central finding of the original TVAAS study.
As for the circularity, Kupermintz notes that most interpretations of TVAAS are causal: the differences in teacher effectiveness produce the changes in test scores.
TVAAS divides teachers into five "effectiveness groups" according to their ranking among peers in terms of average student gains.
This confirms my original analysis that there were no gains for SFA in reading in grades 3-5, either in absolute scores or in "value-added" TVAAS scores.
study] is with the TVAAS calculations themselves" because TVAAS statistics work differently in grades 3 through 5 than in grade 6 and that Pogrow's own analysis shows "that the only way to produce high TVAAS (e.
The TVAAS gives each school an expected gain, independent of school poverty levels, and compares it to actual scores on the Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program (TCAP).
By testing every student every year, TVAAS is able to track progress on the norm-referenced, multiple-choice items provided by CTB/McGraw-Hill.
In contrast, the TVAAS uses these very traditional achievement data as its input and applies a statistical methodology not previously used in educational assessment, which has demonstrated that the relative effectiveness of school districts, schools, and teachers in facilitating academic growth of student populations can be estimated with considerable sensitivity.