TVAMThames Vale Advanced Motorcyclists (UK)
TVAMTelevision Anté Meridian (UK, Morning Television)
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trivargasevam nrpa yat tu krtsnatah paro manusyartha iti tvam attha mam | anartha ity eva mamatra darsanam ksayi trivargo hi na capi tarpakah || pade tu yasmin na jara na bhir na run na janma naivoparamo na cadhayah | tam eva manye purusartham uttamam na vidyate yatra punah punah kriya || As to what you said to me, that the trivarga when followed in its entirety is the highest manusyartha; My view on this is that it is truly an anartha, for the trivarga is transient, and it fails to satisfy.
Analisando a TVAM ao longo do periodo estudado em relacao ao IW, verificou-se uma melhoria na qualidade dos dados advindos das regioes Nordeste/Norte (-0,6%).
This higher level of mysticism is marked by the realization of identity ("Tat tvam asi"--"This living thing art thou"); in it the "ordinary polarity of consciousness is denied" (Sircar, 1974: 36).
I keep it for sentimental reasons as I used to wear it when I presented TVam with the late great Mike Morris back in the early 90s.
Bruce Forsyth watches his presenting debut on Sunday Night at the London Palladium back in 1959, Lorraine Kelly is shown her first reports for TVAM in 1984 and Phillip Schofield is transported back to 1994 to revisit his time as host of Talking Telephone Numbers.
Rustie, renowned for her infectious laughter and eervescent personality, captured the nation's heart when she burst on to the breakfast sofa on the set of TVAM.
She presented Sporting Chance, TVAM, Driving Force, Wish You Were Here and The Holiday Programme, to name but a few.
One example of the saccam kira format is: the question and answer between the Buddha and Bhikkhu Sudinna when the former came to know that the latter had had sex with his former wife: saccam kira tvam Sudinna puranadutiyikaya methunam dhammam patisevlti.
Wincey Willis was a weathergirl on Tyne Tees Television and her enthusiastic forecasts had caught the eye of bosses at TVAM.
During both test procedures (T-CAR and TVAM), heart rate (HR) was monitored at 5-second intervals using the Polar S610i system (Polar Electro Oy, Kempele, Finland).
That is a conflation and slight simplification of the Sanskrit "Tat tvam asi" (Thou art that) and of the taoist/zen/Buddhist teaching wherein the master avers to the monk: "The flag in the breeze does not move, it is your mind that is moving." In such things, absent occupying the mindset generating such oblique assertions, it is difficult to know whether to agree or disagree with such gentle remonstrances of too much single-point causality.