TVBNTotal Volatile Basic Nitrogen (index of freshness)
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To ensure comparability of testing environment, as soon as finished test of pressure characteristic curve on one poultry sample, detect its TVBN immediately, to evaluate the freshness of the poultry.
The TVBN values of chicken, pork and beef were different at the first day, and this was due to different animal species and individual diversity.
In Figure 3, the F of chicken, pork and beef decrease when TVBN increase.
Our results depicted that the TVBN significantly (p < 0.
Although, the ripening period of 30 days possessed lower pH value, TBARS, TVBN levels and weight loss, and higher UFAs levels compared with those of other remaining ripening periods (60 and 90 days) but had relatively high moisture content, which may results in a low shelf-life stability.
The TVBN values of Nile perch stored in ice are given in Table 5.
From the observations made, there was a decrease in protein content with an increase in TVBN content in the flesh.
Present results also depict that the TVBN shows variations among the dry-cured hams from different breeds.
The rise in TVBN values of sun-dried dagaa is attributed to autolysis of the tissues by endogenous proteolytic enzymes, originating from the fish viscera as well as proteolytic microorganisms [23, 24, 25].
The salted and chlorinated-wash treatments showed lower TVBN values when compared with the dagaa subjected to control-wash treatment on drying at 30[degrees]C, 40[degrees]C and 50[degrees]C.
Correlation analysis of Pseudomonas and evaluation of quality characteristics : The correlation coefficient of the number of Pseudomonas and the TVBN is 0.
Pseudomonas growth is significantly correlated with the score of several quality indicators in beef stored at 4[degrees]C, such as the total number of bacteria, sensory evaluation scores, TVBN and color scale L values.