TVCNTeam Voile Centrale Nantes (French: Central Nantes Sailing Team)
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Finally, and ironically, even though the main intermediary for interpreter services in healthcare, the TVCN, Tolk- en Vertaalcentrum Nederland [Dutch Interpreting and Translation Centre] does have an internal code of ethics and a system for complaint registration, it also employs non-certified interpreters.
As the TVCN was fully subsidized, it offered free interpreting services to clients in the public sector, with the exception of the courts of justice, the police and the IND (Immigration and Naturalisation Service), which had their own budgets and arranged the employment of interpreters themselves (Felso et al.
In addition, owing to the lack of an incentive for TVCN to deal efficiently with the budget provided by the government, as a larger number of services implied greater subsidies, the government was forced to foot the bill and was confronted with high costs, also because no efficient system was in place for the cancellation of previously ordered services (Felso et al.