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TVDThe Vampire Diaries (TV and book series)
TVDThe Vinyl District (music)
TVDTuvalu Dollar (ISO currency code)
TVDTotal Virus Defense
TVDTrace Vector Decoder
TVDTv Device
TVDTrue Vertical Depth (oil drilling)
TVDTrans Video Deutschland (Renningen, Germany)
TVDTotal Virus Defense (McAfee)
TVDTricuspid Valve Dysplasia
TVDTheater of Military Operations
TVDThe Vampire Don
TVDThe Virgin Dolls (band)
TVDTelevision Display Unit
TVDTransformable Variable Design (building process)
TVDTotal Vehicle Distance
TVDTemporary Visual Display
TVDTime-Variant Distortion
TVDTechnical Variance Document (US Navy)
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A TVD is a sheet of transparent plastic that sits on top of the ballot paper.
The successful HEL TVD entry will build on Lockheed Martin's more than 40 years of experience working with lasers, which in recent years has produced prototypes including the company's ALADIN 30-kw laser and its ADAM sea-based and airborne system.
Therefore, several tricuspid valve detachment (TVD) techniques, which were initially described by Hudspeth and colleagues (4) in 1962, have been introduced to improve visualization and to achieve a complete repair of hard-to-expose VSDs, aiming to diminish occurrence of postoperative morbidities and improve outcome.
Continental Resources Inc., OKC; Triple Rimer 4-35-26XHW (HRZ); SHL nw ne nw 2-6n-5w, 274' fnl & 1650' fwl; DHL nw ne nw 26-7n-5w, 50' fnl & 1555' fwl; TD 21592' TVD 11661' Hunton
In the present work, a semi-implicit algorithm using high-resolution TVD schemes is derived to calculate the two-pressure model.
The SPECT-measured coronary flow reserve has been applied to detect TVD in a recent study, showing improved performance (86% sensitivity, 78% specificity) [13].
For further evaluation of the causes of TVD, routine blood examination, lipid profile, urea, creatinine, electrolytes, blood culture, ECG, and chest X-Ray were done accordingly.
The Kenai Loop # 1-4 well is being drilled from Drilling Pad # 1, which is the same drilling pad as Buccaneer's other Kenai Loop wells and will be drilled to approximately 10,700' TVD / 10,897' MD.
Chesapeake's key Buell-8H (Utica) well in Harrison County, OH, which has delivered the best production to date, has a TVD of 8,564 feet.
Another Lean tool integral to the success of the IFOA in the Cathedral Hill project is Target Value Design (TVD), which refers to designing to a specific estimate rather than estimating based on design.
The company added the B72 was drilled as a deviated well from the Beryl Bravo Platform and logged a total of 619 feet measured depth (305 feet TVD) of net oil pay in three separate Jurassic aged reservoir units.