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The Government currently specifies the use of a Tactile Voting Device (TVD) to allow blind and partially sighted people to vote "without any need for assistance."
A TVD is a sheet of transparent plastic that sits on top of the ballot paper.
IEE is an isolated execution environment based on TVDs, and processes running in IEE can be treated as trusted.
The fake resources is built by TVDs, and the related data is stored inside UTrustDisk.
In an exploratory analysis, we considered seven clinical diagnostic groupings of CHDs: a) conotruncal defects (tetralogy of Fallot and transposition of great vessels); b) endocardial cushion and mitrovalve defects (EMD; endocardial cushion defect and hypoplastic left heart syndrome); c) pulmonary artery and valve defects (PAV; pulmonary valve atresia and stenosis and pulmonary artery anomalies); d) tricuspid valve defects (TVD; tricuspid valve atresia and stenosis and Ebstein's anomaly); e) aortic artery and valve defects (aortic valve stenosis and coarctation of aorta); f) ventricular septal defects (VSD); and g) patent ductus arteriosis in births > 2,500 g (Gilboa et al.
An exploratory analysis of CHDs by clinical diagnostic groups indicates increased prevalence of specific diagnostic groups (i.e., PAV, VSD, and TVD) compared with aggregated CHDs (Table 4).
TVFS = Tall vegetation on flooded substrate, TVDS = Tall vegetation on dry substrate, LVDS = Low vegetation on dry substrate, LVFS = Low vegetation on flooded substrate, FV = Floating vegetation, VWS = Visible water surface.
For further evaluation of the causes of TVD, routine blood examination, lipid profile, urea, creatinine, electrolytes, blood culture, ECG, and chest X-Ray were done accordingly.
Fifteen (7.5%) newborns were also found with TVD, but only five (2.5%) patients were aged older than 70 years [Figure 1].
In this study, primary TVD was seen in only 13.5% (27/200) cases, and majority (86.5%) showed secondary involvement [Table 1].
This study also showed that majority of the patients (35%) with TVD were symptomatic for 10-20 years.
Regarding hemodynamic alteration in patients with TVD, increased pulmonary arterial hypertension was the consequence in majority (82.5%) of the cases.