TVFITruth Value Flow Inference
TVFITélévision France Internationale (French: TV France International)
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The 25th edition will be the first for Sarah Hemar (pictured below with Herve Michel, TVFI president), the new executive director of TV France International.
In a lesson for the industry at large, TVFI has, in an effort to tie down attendees, simply "worked a lot, sending out invitations in mid-March, following up and doing much more marketing than usual."
Following tradition, TVFI's Rendez-Vous will unveil 2008 French TV international sales figures.
"Biarritz is a little less jet-set than Saint Tropez but it has a very art deco, beginning-of-the-century charm," says TVFI CEO Mathieu Bejot.
TVFI's Bejot explained that the decision to start the market a day earlier will "allow buyers to also attend the Cartoon Forum [September 11-141, to be held in the nearby city of Toulouse," which lies a bit to the East of Biarritz, the coastal city located near the Spanish boarder that's playing host to Le Rendez-Vous.
Symbolism in France is a serious matter, and, at the ATF opening party, TVFI took a secondary role, as if Unifrance were saying that the "big guys" are now taking over.
is losing ground to local programming," TVFI's Mathieu Bejot says.
Like Elzie, Mathieu Bejot of TV France International (TVFI) said that he too believed that MIP-TV would still be large and in charge.
While his company's stand won't be new, it will still be rather spacious, said TV France International's (TVFI) Mathieu Bejot, who confirmed that approximately 50 French firms will operate under the TVFI umbrella.
"It was a difficult year, with the worst results since we started compiling them 10 years ago," admits Mathieu Bejot, director of TVFI, which promotes French program sales abroad during the five-day confab.
To reach operators in Asia, TV France International (TVFI)--the umbrella organization that groups dozens of French distributors together--organizes annual showcases in both Japan and Korea.
According to Mathieu Bejot, general secretary of trade body TV France International (TVFI), organizers of the French screenings known as Le Rendez-Vous, "one of the key elements of Le Rendez-Vous is the screenings' facility." He went on to explain, "over 100 monitors are placed in a room which is accessible only to buyers, who may chose the programs they wish to screen from a catalog, and then screen them at their leisure." Such is the importance TVFI places on these screenings that this year, reported Bejot, "the entire library was digitized, and resulted in an increase in screenings from 3,300 to 6,000."