TVFSToronto Virtual File System
TVFSTrivial Virtual File Store (computing)
TVFSThe View from Saturday (book by E. L. Konigsburg)
TVFSTactical Vehicle Fleet Simulation
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Excessively lowered speaking pitch, yielding a raspy or creaky quality, typically falls below the frequency threshold required for periodic TVF oscillation.
Recent textbook contributions include "Breath Sensitivity Training" in Workbook of Voice Therapy and "Intervention for Bilateral TVF Nodules in a Praise & Worship Leader" in Voice Therapy: Clinical Studies (3rd ed.).
All 3 patients who had presented with stage II disease had involvement of the inferior aspect of the TVF without evidence of motion impairment.
In one of these patients, histology showed that the TVF was uninvolved by the tumor (figure 2), although the anterior soft tissues and skeletal muscle at the same level as the vocal fold were largely replaced by invasive carcinoma (figure 3).
One specimen revealed that the TVF was uninvolved by the tumor, although the paraglottic-space tissues at the same level as the vocal fold were largely replaced by invasive carcinoma.
Tumor descriptions revealed an incidence of bilateral TVF paralysis in 2 of the 5 patients with stage III or IV disease who presented with shortness of breath.
[1] This analysis revealed that 9 patients who had a primary subglottic tumor with secondary TVF involvement were erroneously diagnosed initially as having a primary TVF tumor.
(*.)Patients with early-stage disease did not manifest clinical evidence of local desease spread, yet TVF involvement was common.