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TVGATop-extended VGA
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With the professional support of engineers in CON/SPAN's headquarters, Logel worked closely with Bernie DiPizio, owner of DiPizio Construction, and Ron Klinczar of TVGA Engineering-Surveying, on the new design approach that would increase clearance, improve appearance, and meet the tight deadlines.
The console was connected to a PC-General 486DX-50 with a TVGA graphics board providing 800 x 600 resolution 256 color graphics.
* ProColor (capture) (DOS) * ProColor Plus (DOS) * ProVGA/TV (convert to NTSC or S-VHS)(DOS) * ProVGA/TV Plus (DOS) Computer Friends * ColorSnap PC (capture) (DOS) * ColorSnap 32+ (32-bit) (DOS) Diamond Computer Systems Graphics Divison * TVGA Multimedia Adapter (record to TV or tape) (DOS) Hercules Computer Technology * SuperStation 3D (DOS) * other graphics boards High Res Technologies * Various graphics boards (DOS, PS/2) IBM Corp.