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TVHtaxe de vente harmonisée
TVHThe Voyage Home (Star Trek)
TVHTotal Vaginal Hysterectomy
TVHThames Valley Harriers (English Athletics Club)
TVHTurnverein Herzogenbuchsee
TVHTurkey Viral Hepatitis
TVHTotal Vehicle Hours
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The sample is by no means an extensive representation of YouTube's content, but it provides an indication of the Mashup as a specific type of content that, in this sample, is just as widespread as MV and TVH.
Fillator's team has also been recognized by vendors and suppliers over the past few years for earning sales achievement awards from Toyota Industrial, TVH, Loadlifter and Rousseau Metals, just to name a few.
Innovation indicator matrices (IIMs) within an input-output framework containing an information sector were since used to determine the spatial distributions and dependencies of these TVH variables and their information induced product and process multiplier values (McPhee, 2010).
Leading builders such as TVH, Unitech, DLF, Hirco, Arun Excello, Embassy, etc.
And once they gain control of their plan costs and begin realizing their own TVH, they will choose to maintain that control as opposed to turning their employees over to exchange insurers where no one will be managing anyone's health.
The identification of a pathogen and development of specific diagnostics will lead to better understanding of the economic consequences and other effects of TVH.
TVH will use the Aconex system to manage project information and collaborate with external organizations.
de l'abolition du remboursement de la TVH pour l'energie domestique,
Larry's really moving up in the world; he's no longer a homeless bum, and the mag's got a color cover and comes with a TVH (ex-Crime
TVH impressed the judging panel with the extent of its community investment programme, and particularly with the way in which it seeks to go beyond its core business of housing management to build sustainable neighbourhoods.
Additional features include dual or single trace operation; (5 mV/div sensitivity); AUTO/NORM triggered sweep operation with AC, TVH, TVV and line coupling; and a calibrated 23-step time base with a X 10 magnifier.