TVHHTelevision Households
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Greenland (currency: Danish Krone): 2 TV stations, 30,000 TVHH Faroe Islands (Danish Krone): 3 TV stations, 15,000 TVHH
French Guiana (euro zone): 3 TV stations, 70,000 TVHH
Digital terrestrial television launched in 2006 and covers some 90 percent of the population, but the DTT market is limited to an estimated one percent of total TVHH.
Satellite dishes are still officially banned in Saudi Arabia, but the country has the second highest satellite TV penetration in the Arab region, at 97 percent of TVHH. There are 85 FTA satellite channels headquartered in Saudi Arabia and two of the largest pan-Arab satellite TV broadcasters, MBC and Rotana, are Saudi owned.
As for challenges, Goenka mentioned that on the domestic front, audience measurements represent a problem with only io,000 TVHH being sampled; but that will soon to be extended to too,000 TVHH.
Plus, satellite is growing, especially in Europe, where it now reaches 84 million TVHH, surpassing the number of homes reached by cable and over-the-air TV.
Reportedly, in Chile some 1.4 million TVHH use illegal FTA boxes, while legal subscribers number two million.
TVHH, 88.96 percent subscribe to a TV service: cable, 57.1 percent; telco, 9.8 percent; satellite 22 percent.
are hard pressed, since less than 10 percent of TVHH rely on FTA, while the wireless companies claim that their spectrum shortage is holding back the entire U.S.
Se ha informado que cerca de un 15% de los hogares americanos con TV (TVHH) recibe la TV con antenas aereas y que otro 15% no esta abonado a ningun servicio de TV pago.
TV households (TVHH) receive TV with aerials, plus 15 percent of TVHH do not have pay-TV subscriptions.
We aim to add value with the maximum marketing support to platforms and help them raise their TVHH penetration," she said.