TVHSTemecula Valley High School (Temecula, California)
TVHSThompson Valley High School (Colorado)
TVHSTwin Valley High School (Pilgrims Knob, Virginia)
TVHSTippecanoe Valley High School
TVHSTri-Valley High school (Hegins, PA)
TVHSTri-Village High School (New Madison, OH)
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After finishing a TVHS, students have the choice to continue their career in TVET, seek some other alternative further education or join the labour market.
Contrary to some beliefs expressed in the literature of HRD that TVET is stigmatized as the choice of the less successful (see for example The Congressional Commission on Education, 1993:19, ILO, 1992:50, UNDP, 1989: 12), the survey of potential trainees manifests clearly that the choice of TVHS for the majority (94 per cent) was not because they had not been able to pursue general (academic) education, but because TVHS offers better prospects in the labour market.
That students of TVHSs are satisfied with their education may not lead directly to a proposal to expand the TVHS system.
If those negative attitudes were still the norm, one would not expect such a strong belief among TVHS students that they learn more, and more importantly, that their future job prospects are better than those who attend general schools.