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TVISToyota Variable Induction System
TVISTreadmill with Vibration Isolation System (International Space Station hardware; Wyle Laboratories, Houston TX)
TVISToyota Variable Intake System
TVISTropical Vegetable Information Service (Asian Vegetable Research and Development Center)
TVISThatcham Vehicle Identification System (anti-theft device)
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Mamondiong ordered the creation of a Validation Committee (VC) to conduct an investigation into the alleged violations of the 85 TVIs. He, likewise, sought for the immediate cancellation of these TVIs' certificates of program registration and the possible filling of charges against them should the initial findings be confirmed.
TVIs were allocated P7 billion, while the national student loan program received P54 million.
"On TVIS, you had a harness that went over your shoulders and around your waist and then had two connecting points on either side of your hips that connected it to the structure, the frame of the treadmill.
04:50-05:00 Acoustic dosimeters hardware setup for static measurements 05:00-05:55 FE-2 BREAKFAST 05:55-06:15 Prep for Work 06:00-06:15 CDR Orlan height adjustment 06:15-07:15 FE-1 Orlan height adjustment 06:15-06.20 FE-2 Payload status check 06:15-07:15 CDR Spacesuit and BCC [Orlan interface unit] leak checks and valve tests 06:20-07:15 FE-2 EMU cooling loop filtration to prevent biomaterials and solid particles 07:15-07:35 Nutrition: urine collection 07:15-07:45 CDR Physical Exercise (RED) 07:15-08:15 FE-1 Spacesuit and 6CC [Orlan interface unit] leak checks and valve tests 07:35-07:45 FE-2 Nutrition: urine sample insertion in MELFI 07:45-09:15 CDR Physical Exercise (TVIS + CEVIS) 07:45-08:45 FE-2 Physical Exercise (RED) Figure 9.
Because reality TVis an entertaining guilty pleasure, even if most of L us are too ashamed to admitit.
"The employment of more TVIs could mean the test backlog is cleared by August and the adoption of a blood test will stop farms being put on TB2 restrictions due to an inconclusive skin reaction, " said Mr Richardson.
'This is a fabulous opportunity to speak to 2,000 vets and ask them to volunteer as temporary veterinary inspectors (TVIs) and help our colleagues who are being swamped at the moment.
Thatcham Vehicle Identification System (TVIS) helps police and official agencies detect vehicles with forged under-bonnet identities.