TVMITest of Visual-Motor Integration (neurosensory evaluation tool)
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Caption: Pictured from left to right: Ray Scites, TVMI treasurer; Jeff Wilson, White Forest Resources; Seth Jude; Payton Fitchpatrick; Bud Baldwin, TVMI president; Ashley Harrison; Jarrett Branham; Logan Varney.
After the entry into force of the amendment to the Law, information will be required by TVMI on a monthly basis to buyers (trading companies) of agricultural produce for which the Government establishes settlement terms, which will generate income of 1.5 million euros and more in the last accounting year.
The obligation to provide information to TVMI about the resulting overdue debts for purchased agricultural products to the Government of the Republic in accordance with the established procedure for purchasers of agricultural products, for which the Government has set payment deadlines by a resolution, was introduced in 2009.
Over the last 22 years, TVMI has awarded 130 students $313,250 in scholarship monies.
Caption: TVMI scholars pictured from left to right: Andy Ashurst, TVMI president; Tori Doty; Addam Gibson; Bethany Prater; Aaron Price, Coronado vice president of safety; Hannah McCoy; Michaela Norman; and Ray Scites, TVMI treasurer.
Over the last 19 years, TVMI has awarded 123 students $288,250 in scholarship money.
Over the last 16 years, TVMI has awarded 94 students $213,250 in scholarship monies.