TVMMTrusted Virtual Machine Monitor
TVMMThames Valley Morris Men (est. 1952; UK)
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Node (N): The node N in the cloud backend runs a TVMM that monitors multiple VMs in a closed-box execution environment.
The TC attests to the node in the cloud provider to check whether it runs a proper TVMM satisfying security requirements.
A trusted node running the TVMM can host a user's VM securely and can prevent it from inspection and modification by inside attackers.
With Adobe TVMM, media sellers can create custom audience packages that take into consideration viewer preferences, programming characteristics and the advertisers' existing audience data.
Adobe TVMM has an industry-first forecasting engine that pulls in signals such as seasonal fluctuations in viewership and programming schedules.
96 Btu/h * ft * [degrees]F)--which is 40 times the value given in the TVMM.