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TVNZTelevision New Zealand (New Zealand Television Network)
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TVNZ director of coverage Claire Watson, Davidson's former boss, said she was talented, hard-working and "very special".
That's why TVNZ will be accelerating its strategy to transform the business from a traditional advertising-reliant broadcaster to that of a multiplatform digital media company with diverse income streams," Ellis says.
sports commentator working for TVNZ, said he was returning to his hotel from dinner around 10 p.
Interestingly, TVNZ said that the country's strong consumer spending was stimulated by high immigration.
TVNZ noted that Clean Air Auckland is issuing letters to more than 200 companies to support its effort.
He was cleared of four indecent assaults and one rape but convicted of five other rapes, said New Zealand's TVNZ television network.
Labour included the promise to return TVNZ to clearer 'public service' and 'citizenship' roles.
The government's focus was on generating maximum revenue which, in turn, saw TVNZ take a very commercial approach to program content.
6m to supply its Integrated Broadcast Management System (IBMS) to two leading New Zealand companies; TVNZ and SkyNZ.
She replaces outgoing Chair Joan Withers who has served on the TVNZ Board since 2009.