TVOCTotal Volatile Organic Compounds
TVOCTri-Valley Opportunity Council (Crookston, MN)
TVOCThe Virtual Office Company (South Africa and UK)
TVOCThames Valley Orienteering Club
TVOCThe Vulcan Operating Company (UK)
TVOCTelevision Operations Center
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[29] studied the effect of different surface finishes of PB on reducing TVOC and formaldehyde emission.
With potential VOCs such as Toulene, Heptane, Dioxane, Tetrahydrofuran, Dimethyl, Formamide, Dichloromethane, we were quick to recommend the Ion Science TVOC fixed PID as a robust, reliable and accurate leak detection solution for this application." t| 01763 208503 e| w|
Products must pass a 14-day test window to ensure released compounds are below specified total VOC (TVOC) levels and yearly retesting Is also required.
NICE TVOC adds voice recordings, social engagement, chat logs, and other digital channels to surveys to provide a more complete picture of customer disposition.
JM manufacturers highly specialized products such as hybrid mats consisting of glass and synthetic fibers, and Henze says these have"set new standards in terms of uniformity and smoothness." Additionally, the company's formaldehyde-free and TVOC (indoor total volatile organic compounds) product solutions meet sustainability targets and end-market requirements.
Individual compounds and total volatile organic compounds (TVOC) were calibrated relative to toluene.
For instance, a total of nine common indoor air pollutants (carbon dioxide, C[O.sub.2]; carbon monoxide, CO; respirable suspended particulates, RSP; nitrogen dioxide, N[O.sub.2]; ozone, O3; formaldehyde, HCHO; total volatile organic compounds, TVOC; radon, Rn; and airborne bacteria count, ABC) were officially selected as the parameters used in a certification scheme for office/public IAQ assessment in Hong Kong [4].
In conclusion, it is demonstrated that the surface morphology of Ti[O.sub.2] nanotube arrays which were used in the photocatalytic degradation of total volatile organic compounds (TVOC) can be modified by anodization of Ti foils in EG solution consisting of 0.4% N[H.sub.4]F and 5% wt [H.sub.2]O using the appropriate anode area and electrode gap.
The concentrations of C[O.sub.2] and TVOC were measured by applying the IAQ meter (AreaRAE IAQ, PGM-5210) to an accuracy of 10 ppm for C[O.sub.2] and 0.1 ppm for TVOC.