TVPGThames Valley Paranormal Group (UK paranormal investigators)
TVPGTelevision Parental Guidance (rating)
TVPGTranshepatic Venous Pressure Gradient
TVPGTrans-Valvular Aortic Pressure Gradient (cardiology)
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After 18-24 hours in incubation, the graft was taken out of TVPG solution and put in Petri dish containing EDTA (1/5, 000 in saline) for 15 min at 37[degrees]C in incubatory.
WWE, which used to include "wrestling" in its name, still focuses on keeping its content as TVPG as possible, but replica belts and collectibles were on display in Vegas for an older audience.
Dragon Ball Z Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan and Broly: Second Coming (TVPG) hit shelves November 13, 2007.