TVPSTest of Visual Perceptual Skills
TVPSThames Valley Positive Support (UK)
TVPSTeam Value Profiling Services (Bangalore, India)
TVPSTelio Voice Production System
TVPSTelevision and Video Production Services (Swansea, Wales, England, UK)
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This study sought to determine if static palpation of the C1 TVPs were accurate compared with radiographic analysis.
The TVPS, MVPT and VMI: What influences a therapist's choice?
The NRS pain and NRS anxiety scores were used to establish criterion validity of the COMFORT-B, TVPS and AHTPS, for pain assessment (AHTPS applied) and pain/anxiety assessment (COMFORT-B and TVPS applied).
This article provides some new evidence on interest rate policies in five large economies (United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Italy) through the implementation of a time-varying parameters approach (TVP henceforth).
PMA members elected Territorial Vice Presidents (TVPs) at PMA 08 in Las Vegas, Nev.
Another option is textured vegetable protein (TVP), a soybean flour product.
Education is more valuable in TVPS than in other rural activities.
TVP of the Year is Gary Bachman, and the International TVP of the Year is Richard Robertson.
Following news of a Fed easing (tightening), a credit-constrained firm (signaled by a low CR, low TA, low NW, low TVPS, or BR = 0) should have a larger (smaller) abnormal return than a noncredit-constrained firm.
And at the start of the Official Business Breakfast Session on March 11, at 7:30 a.m., the TVPs of the Year will be honored.