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TVQTaxe de Vente du Quebec
TVQTelevision Quarterly
TVQTime Value Quality
TVQTopographic Vector Quantization
TVQTask Velocity Quality (open source software project)
TVQTelevision Quotient
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The most widely used among these is TVQ. TVQ measures attitudes toward a program on a five point likeability scale from "one of my favorites" to "poor." In addition, TVQ develops what it calls a positive-negative Q score, which is the total top box on the likeability scale minus the bottom two boxes (fair or poor).
In an attempt to determine the viability of program attitudes in determining program effectiveness and their ability to predict future program exposure, TVQ data were related to NTI program ratings on a lead-lag basis.
Both TVQ and Nielsen (NTI) data were analyzed to test the relation of prior attitudinal and exposure data to subsequent Nielsen ratings.
Lead-lag regressions were run for three TVQ variables plus Nielsen program ratings for total audience regressed on subsequent Nielsen ratings.
TVQ likeability (average rating for the 5-point likeability score),
When the dependent variable is Nielsen in the current quarter, the two variables most strongly associated with viewer ratings are TVQ likeability and familiarity in the prior quarter, followed closely by Nielsen ratings in the prior quarter.
The only data available on such a systematic basis are aggregate data, and the most likely sources are from Nielsen on exposure and from TVQ on attitudes.
- Currently she appears on "Otonana TV (TVQ Kyushu)", "News Zap (BS Skyperfect TV)", and "Radio Heard from Between the Crack (JFN)".
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I have the highest TVQ of any woman on television?"
La facture de l'arbitre se detaillait ainsi : Indemnite pour annulation d'une journee d'audience : 360.00$ ; Temps requis pour l'audience : 1 680.00$ ; Delibere et redaction de la sentence : 1 680.00$ ; Transport : 868.00$ ; Hotel et repas : 286.14$ ; Location de salle : 110.30$ ; TPS et TVQ : 695.32$ ([Compte d'honoraires professionnels] (16 fevrier 2007), Grief 2006-01, Me Huguette Gagnon).