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TVROTv Receive Only
TVROTelevision Receive-Only (satellite dish)
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Late in the 1970s, Satellite Television Corporation, a subsidiary of Comsat, began envisioning the use of 12 GHz for home satellite TVRO equipment.
The markets for Ku-band direct broadcast satellite television and C-band TVRO developed in very similar manners.
In-band microwave interfering carriers are in the TVRO 3.7 to 4.2-GHz receive band, and are allocated at [plus-or-minus]10 MHz off the center transponder frequency.
Globecast also provided live shots from its Nairobi offices for a wide range of international broadcasters while the American pool also benefitted from a TVRO feed at their hotel, supplied by Globecast, so they could receive the pool content that was available.
The Ortel model 10005A TVRO fiber optic link is such a system.
Podell's award was for his pioneering of practical GaAs MMICs for commercial use in the form of a single-chip microwave radio for satellite TVRO systems.
From 1982 to 1987, he was with SED systems, Saskatoon, Canada, where, as VP, research, he lead teams involved in design of a wide variety of satellite two-way and TVRO earth stations.