TVSLToshiba Vegas Summer League (basketball)
TVSLTreasure Valley Soccer League (Meridian, ID)
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Desse modo, alem do estudo de uma populacao especifica de cantores de coral, este trabalho pode contribuir com a sugestao de se comparar o efeito da TVSL em populacao sem alteracoes vocais e de se testar o tempo de execucao do exercicio [9].
Os resultados deste estudo demonstraram que a TVSL associada a variacao tonal promoveu o aumento dos valores do PEV em 46,2% dos coristas e a diminuicao do valor, em 53,8% dos sujeitos, apos dois minutos de execucao da tecnica.
By not owning any asset, TVSL creates an infrastructure that best suits the clients.
In comparison, TVSL'S investment will be Rs 85 crore against a projected revenue of Rs 956 crore in 2009-10 .
TVSL has also structured its end-toend solutions into a bouquet of services, taking into account the industry reality.
This model has helped TVSL to open up new clients and then expand the services by delivering value for money.
Expansion via JVs While most other industry players have opened offices in various countries and outsourced the operations there, TVSL has taken the route of JVs and acquisitions for overseas expansion.
In a way, TVSL's approach to business so far has been different not only from other industry players but also from the other TVS Group companies.
In fact, sticking to its core competence, a strong customer focus and continuous improvements are some of the TVS values in TVSL, which, the company claims, has ensured that it did not lose a single customer since inception.