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TVSNTelevision Shopping Network (Australia)
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Abbreviations PCA: Principal Component Analysis DC: Director's Challenge TvsN: Tumor versus normal PC1: First principal component PC2: Second principal component PRAD: Prostate adenocarcinoma.
Even when five TvsN probesets are removed, the Mix-29/24 model is still correlated with the TvsN-100 signature (a).
While Amadio and his partner are not employees of TVSN, their company ITVSS is a strategic partner and highly integrated into the TVSN business, which was acquired by Innovations Direct Pty Ltd.
Originally based on a simple accounting program running on DOS PCs, the ordering process first consisted of customers phoning in purchases to TVSN which had more than 60 agents in a call center, says Amadio.
As a result, TVSN has been able to operate with a smaller call center staff.
Today, TVSN uses a mixture of Revelation's flagship product OpenInsight, a database development suite that provides Windows, Web 2.0, and .NET tools to develop and deploy mission-critical applications, with Revelation's Universal Driver Heavy, Sybase ASE, and Microsoft SQL Server, all centrally controlled by Openlnsight, which is the application layer for the entire business, including the call center, warehouse, studio, website.
The OECGI socket is an example of the type of innovation that, Amadio says, has helped elevate the platform his company provides to TVSN. "That single piece of technology has completely transformed the way we write code.
But by working together, MyWeb and TVSN feel they can solve the biggest problems holding the full scale E-commerce boom back.
Together, MyWeb and TVSN can offer shoppers the variety of a department store, the uniqueness of a boutique and the quality of a specialty store, all in the convenience of their own homes.
China should continue to be a high-potential market for both MyWeb and TVSN long into the foreseeable future.