TVSSTransient Voltage Surge Suppressor
TVSSTactile Vision Substitution System
TVSSTourist Victim Support Service (Dublin, Ireland)
TVSSTennessee Valley Scottish Society (Scottish appreciation group; Huntsville, AL)
TVSSTransit Video Security Systems (Owego, NY)
TVSSTime-Varying State Splitting
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The product family includes combiner boxes from 8 strings to 36 strings with the typical options like integrated DC Disconnect and TVSS. Many of the larger solar plants planned in North America are designed with the 1000VDC standard.
We believe this agreement will allow both World Energy and Circa Telecom to develop a significant share of the TVSS market in both the telecommunications and security sectors."
Panel TVSS units provide an essential defense against surges.
The solution is the addition of a transient voltage suppression system (TVSS) generally made up of metal-oxide varistors (MOVs) that can take the brunt of this unwanted energy, bringing 6,000-V transients down to a more manageable 60 V.
Visuoauditory sensory substitution systems (ultrasonic guides, such as the Sonicguide and Trisensor, or Prosthesis Substitution Vision with Audition) essentially allow persons to collect information about the location and distance of objects, whereas visuotactile systems, such as the Tactile Vision Substitution System (TVSS), enable access to more complex optical-like information.
* Transient voltage surge suppressors (TVSS) help protect sensitive electronic equipment.
This leads to the second step in effective lightning protection: transient voltage surge suppression, or TVSS.
A hospital's power protection solution generally starts with a hard-wired transient voltage surge suppressor (TVSS) connected to electrical distribution gear in single-, two- and three-pole power systems.
De signed for TVSS modules, these varistors can be used in uninterruptible and off-line power supplies, and lighting and communication products.
A key drawback to board-mounted MOV transient voltage suppression (TVSS) is the component's design.