TVVTijdschrift Voor Verzorgenden (Dutch health journal)
TVVThermal Vacuum Valve
TVVTuusulan Voima-Veikot (Finnish sports club)
TVVTouristik Verlag Vellmar GmbH (German: Publisher Tourism Vellmar; Fuldatal, Germany)
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5, she was given a TVV by the BI that was valid for 59 days or until Nov.
The acquisition of Sur-Form is the seventh investment for TVV Capital's latest fund, TVV III.
Evaluation of the population pharmacokinetic data (Table 3) show a marked difference in the rate of absorption (Ka) between African grey (185.0020 [+ or -] 0.0012/min) and cockatoo species (0.0039 [+ or -] 0.0026/min), with a similar total volume (tvV) and elimination constant rate (tv[K.sub.e]).
b) Practicamente en todos los casos consultados, salvo en el de la TVV (Comunidad Valenciana) y en el de Telemadrid (12), existe posibilidad de consulta del fondo documental para los investigadores, cumpliendo una serie de "caracteristicas de perfil" (profesores universitarios, doctorandos, investigadores acreditados, etc.) y administrativas (respaldo de una institucion academica y/o cultural, presentacion resumida del proyecto de investigacion, permiso del representante pertinente por parte de la Direccion de la cadena, etc.).
A Morena Films, Jaleo Films, Oberon Cinematografica, Mandarin Cinema, Hepp Film, Pensa & Rocca production with the participation of Canal Sur, TVC, TVV, TV Galicia, TV Vasca.
(3.) Waterhouse P, Penninger JM, Timms E, Wakeham A, Shahinian A, Lee KP, Thompson CB, Griesser H, Mak TVV. Lymphoproliferative disorders with early lethality in mice deficient in CTLA-4.
From these measures, we calculated total vegetation volume (TVV), which was measured as [m.sup.3] of vegetation per [m.sup.2] of habitat area (Mills et al.
* Vertical heterogeneity and vegetation vo2lume (TVV): this was estimated in a random selected point in a radius of 1m around each sampling point.
(Tubingen: TVV, 2006), 51-79; see also Clemens Heni (2009), "Antisemitism and Germany: Anti-Jewish images from 1602 to 9/11," about Ahasver (the "eternal Jew"), anti-capitalist antisemitism ("Mammon") and blood libel ("Moloch"), at and-moloch-anti-jewish-images-1602-to- 911/ (accessed August 18, 2009).
TVV DNA genome is divided into two regions: one extremely variable coding sequence, of 2.6 kb, and one more conserved non-coding (UTR) of 1.2 kb which varies in length between 3808 nt (SANBAN) and 3853 nt (TA 278 and JA 20) (Erker et al., 1999; Hijikata et al., 1999).
--La observacion-participante del trabajo con escenografia virtual en TVV donde el autor trabaja en el Dpto.