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TVESTri-Valley Elder Services, Inc (ombudsman program)
TVESTanque Verde Elementary School (Tucson, AZ)
TVESTees Valley Energy Savers (UK)
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The World Bank reported that, from mid-1980s to mid-1990s, TVEs' annual growth rate was about 25 per cent.
Findings--The first contribution of our research is a comprehensive study of the role of a TSC/TVC within a destination as embedded in a TVE. A second contribution is the development of a future cross-disciplinary research framework for TVE by synthesising and highlighting the critical issues at play when conceptualising a broad value ecology.
Although the profitability of the TVEs and their integration into the larger economy through improved transportation meant that these funds could redeployed for investments in agriculture and forestry, this rapid economic growth would further aggravate the supply of ecosystem services up to the late 1990s.
(43) Even when township and village enterprises (TVEs) had thrived in many parts of Zhejiang in the early 1980s, its leadership still stuck to a strategy of emphasizing the predominance of SOEs.
Since then, private and 'red cap' enterprises (nominally rural collectives, but in fact privately owned) and the evolution of township and village enterprises (TVEs) from collectives to de facto private firms have become relatively more important sources of growth, while the relative importance of FDI-led growth has declined.
The problems were mainly sales difficulties and lack of seedling variety due to inadequate communication channels and poor information services, a shortage of risk-warning systems resulting in easy panic among SMEs, TVEs and price disorders, inadequate technology, lack of professional guidance and need of production standardization, and very little legal protection over the processes of seedling production and sales.
Tax revenue from agriculture doesn't include taxes collected from the rural township and village enterprises (TVES).
Many town-village enterprises (TVEs) and some State-owned enterprises (SOEs) lost their competition to foreign enterprises.
The ISTIC's Rural Industrial Technology (SPARK) project, for example, aids township and village enterprises (TVEs) by providing them with business information, including technical information on raw materials; intelligence on commodity markets; and management information (SUCCESS 2006).