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TVxTarget Vertex
TVxValid Transmission
TVxTransmission Valid Timer (FDDI)
TVxTSX (Toronto Stock Exchange) Venture Exchange (Canadian stock market)
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TVX provided a simple way to combine remotely sensed thermal and reflected radiation by calculating their ratio.
Photographer Lara, now 21, complained but said movie bosses at TVX Films accused her of "scheming".
I've worked for Playboy, TVX and millions more - I've made over 100 movies now.
He was recognized for his "extraordinary entrepreneurial and financing achievements" spanning his 20 years in the precious metals business for TVX Gold, Vengold and Wheaton River Minerals.
IT84S-2246-4 resulted from the cross IT82D-716 x IT81D-1020 which in turn came from the crosses TVx 6332 x TVx 3236 and TVx 1193-9F x TVu 2027, respectively.
TVX Gold is engaged in the exploration, development and
Tickers featured: ABX, ASL, AU, ECO, GFI, GLG, GOLD, HMY, KGC, MDG, MNG, PDG, TVX. Complete text approximately 3000 words.
AngloGold, the second largest gold producer, reported production of 6,558 kg from Mineracao Morro Velho and 5,998 kg from Mineracao Serra Grande (Anglo and TVX).
Carl Hansen, manager, Investor Relations at TVX Gold says Manitoba is an excellent place to explore or develop a mine.
The 50-page agreement covers many issues, and includes the interests of the Windigo and Shibogama First Nation councils, Placer Dome Inc., TVX Gold Inc., the federal government, and the province.