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TW3That Was the Week That Was
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El PEA obtenido en el presente estudio por el metodo TW3, fue contrastado con los porcentajes presentados en 1952 por Bayley & Pinneau, obtenidos de un estudio longitudinal en poblacion americana; con los reportados en 1966 por Tanner et al., a partir de datos emanados de un estadio longitudinal en poblacion britanica; y por los presentados en 1983 por Roche et al., quienes utilizaron el metodo RWT para su estimacion, en poblacion americana.
"TW3 is effective but not in case of the U-19 tournament.
Even TW3 method, which the respondents have adopted, admittedly has error margin of +/- by six months." Earlier this week, the Athletics Federation of India ( AFI) had suspended 44 junior athletes after they were found to be overage in various competitions.
For Frost, TW3 was the beginning of a long and unusual television career that included light entertainment and heavyweight reporting.
The "Out" stunt dictates that the ball-defender (either TW3 or WW2) must again "fan" the ballhandler down his sideline and look for a trap rotating up from the time line with his teammate on the same side of the floor.
It is amusing to note that today's venerable TV figure, Sir David Frost, who has been criticised for being too gentle with his interviewees, was the acid-tongued and irreverent young presenter of the anti-Establishment TW3, which poked fun at politicians in an unprecedented way.
No show before and few since courted as much controversy as the satirical TW3, a programme which spawned an entire family of satirical shows.
That Was The Week That Was (TW3) was a revolutionary British comedy programme that triggered the television satire boom of the early 1960s.
Frost was born in 1939, and came to fame as a satirist in the 1960s, hosting the popular weekly comedy show That Was the Week That Was (known as TW3).
THE overage menace in agespecific cricket tournaments has been checked to a large extent this season, with the virtually fool- proof Tanner- Whitehouse 3 ( TW3) bone tests catching a large number of teenage players who provided manipulated date of birth certificates across the country.
That Was The Week That Was (TW3) attacked pomp and hypocrisy - especially politicians who combined both - and never hesitated when it came to naming names.