TWACThe World Against Cancer
TWACtime-weighted average concentration
TWACTactical Weather Analysis Center
TWACTargeting Weaponeering Assistance Cell
TWACTarget Wide Area Communications
TWACTurbocharger Wastegate Actuator Control
TWACTeens with A Cause
TWACTwitter Age Co-Efficient
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Reaction to this attack on Awolowo dominated the response to TWAC in Nigeria in the months immediately after its release in September 2012.
This idea is reinforced by Achebe's declaration in the final part of TWAC that the "principal problem" of post-war Nigeria was finding "the right leader with the right kind of character, education and background" (p.
There is a sense in which the closing sections of TWAC, which contain a summation of Nigeria's political dilemmas as well as suggestions for "State Resuscitation and Recovery" (TWAC, p.
Focusing particularly on AOTS and TWAC, I highlighted the ways in which the demonstrable changes in Achebe's narration of nation represent radical ideological shifts as well as different "ways of telling" and how the two works reveal a significant narrowing of commitment from Africa/Nigeria in general to his ethnic group, the Igbo, in particular.