TWACSTwo-Way Automatic Communication System
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TWACS technology is the perfect solution for us because it is proven and extremely reliable in quickly reading meters distributed over wide geographic areas, said Scott Krueger, billing/IT supervisor at REA.
The process REA used to evaluate and select the TWACS solution is discussed in a new case study from Aclara, a leading supplier of smart infrastructure solutions (SIS) to electric, gas and water utilities.
Our 400 TWACS customers are extremely loyal to the technology because it continues to meet the unique requirements of utilities with significant low-density meter populations.
Level 1: Central Control Equipment TNS: TWACS Net Server Level 2: Substation Communications Equipment CRU: Control and Receiving Unit; IPU: Inbound Pickup Unit; OMU: Outbound Modulation Unit; MTU: Modulation Transformer Unit Level 3: Remote Communications Equipment
The tool was modified to consider AMI TWACS system infrastructure as the system adopted by local utility.
After selecting the most suitable for them, AMI TWACS technology, the company started to train personnel and hired "Proyectos de Ingenieria S.A" (private sector company) to install equipment and operate measurement devices.
(DCSI), which manufactures an AMR power line carrier (PLC) system, to supply the two way automatic communications system (TWACS).