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(9) Como lo afirman Eslava y Pahuja, especialmente en lo que tiene que ver con el movimiento twail: "[they] have spent enormous intellectual and political energy identifying the political, cultural and economic biases embedded in the international legal project".
Boyle and Kobayashi examine the Russell Tribunal through the TWAIL literature and Sartre's witting on dialectical ethics.
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A TWAIL analysis would suggest that the text of the OAS Charter carried all along a colonial undertone, even as it nominally served to level the playing field between the U.S.
Cabe mencionar aqui la <<aproximacion del tercer mundo al derecho internacional>> (Third World Approaches to International Law, TWAIL), pues para este tipo de enfoque la soberania es un concepto capital.
(17) This essay draws on certain themes developed in the streams of legal scholarship defined as "Global Critical Race Feminism" (GCRF) and "Third World Approaches to International Law" (TWAIL).
They destroyed every structure in sight, forcing the women, children, and elderly in the village out of the thirty homes before destroying them all, rendering one hundred more Palestinians homeless under the scorching summer sun.(1) This did not take place in the West Bank or Gaza but in the village of Twail Abu-Jirwal in the Naqab, and all one hundred Palestinians who were forcibly displaced were citizens of the state of Israel.
TWAIL, the Developing World, and the Future Direction of International Law, 2 CHINESE J.
World Approaches to International Law (TWAIL) with a view to assessing
Third World scholars suggest that such a reformulation of international law might instead be one part of a larger process of creatively addressing issues of global justice and inequality.(6) Although it may seem from this example that Third World Approaches to International Law ("TWAIL") are diametrically opposed to the liberal/conservative consensus, such a view understates the fact that aspects of each approach inter-penetrate each other.
TWAIL, gunumuz uluslararasi hukuk isleyisinin, Ucuncu Dunya'nin kolonyal tecrubelerinden ayri tutulamayacagini ileri surerek, kolonyal tarihten miras kalan medeni -medenilesmemis ayriminin uluslararasi hukukta suregelen varligini tartismaya acmaktadir.