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TWAIN[not an acronym; scanner interface spec/standard] (Popular meaning: Technology without an Interesting Name)
TWAINToolkit without An Important Name
TWAINTechnology without An Interesting Name
TWAINTechnology Without An Important Name (humor)
TWAINTool without an Interesting Name
TWAINTool Without an Important Name
TWAIN[not an acronym; scanner interface spec/standard] (Popular meaning: Toolkit without an Important Name)
TWAINTechnology Without Acronyms Is Nothing
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a vision rare Tells me that soon again I shall behold the twain Maidens so ill bestead, By their kin buffeted.
But for my daughters twain, poor innocent maids, Who ever sat beside me at the board Sharing my viands, drinking of my cup, For them, I pray thee, care, and, if thou willst, O might I feel their touch and make my moan.
Twain was an active critic of American and European imperialism and served as vice president of the American Congo Reform Association, using his fame as an author to draw attention to the impact of imperialism on native people in the Philippines, Africa and China.
THE TOPIC: An autobiography, Mark Twain writes, " ...
Instead, his tone is reasoned and well-supported, tracing Twain's religious background, his evolving religious experience, and his lifelong skepticism.
The "comely" brunette was hired in 1902 to manage Twain's correspondence.
The company said that the .NET TWAIN component, designed for use by developers using the Microsoft (Nasdaq:MSFT) .NET Framework to produce desktop scanning solutions, offers a rich set of features that can be used to build a natural, powerful scanning application.
He was born in 1925, just 15 years after Twain died.
Vogel concedes that if there is a hint of prejudice that emerges from Twain's oeuvre, it is "Innocent anti-Semitic discourse" (p.
Throughout the main bulk of his book, Bush delivers an impressive amplification of these topics, fortified by abundant references that extend outward from Twain's entire (massive) canon and web of relationships to a vast array of critics and scholars, including not only Twain superscholars such as Louis J.
David Ives has re-envisioned Twain's irreverent script.
Nothing can compare to the immediacy and authenticity of Mark Twain's own words" (ix).