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TWAMTools With A Mission (UK)
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bar] Andrew Bowdler TWAM Regional Development Manager for Wales
The recruitment of such a senior figure is also an indication of the very high regard in which TWAM is held.
TWAM manages nine museums across Tyneside and the archives for Tyne and Wear.
As with TWAM the council said the move was a bid to protect the longterm future of the library.
He praised the partnership with TWAM and said the "substantial" Lottery grant received was "the result of creative thinking and a lot of hard work", adding: "It will mean that The Light Dragoon story, and its spirit,
Saturday Sunday 10am " Iain Watson, director of TWAM, said: "We are excited about sharing our expertise in collections care and interpretation in order to support Groundwork to ensure a successful future for the museum.
Bill Griffiths, head of programmes at TWAM and project manager of The Late Shows, said: "It's incredible that so many people came out and enjoyed The Late Shows, making it our best year yet.
One of the ways TWAM has countered the budget cuts is through an increased focus on bringing in income through donations, shop sales and exhibition admission at Newcastle's Laing Art Gallery.
Sarah said: "There had been knowledge this was likely to come about and TWAM has been leading some work in this area already.