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TWASThird World Academy of Sciences
TWASThickened Waste Activated Sludge
TWASTyne and Wear Archives Service (record archiving office; UK)
TWASThe Wessex Autistic Society (UK)
TWASToronto World Arts Scene (Canadian magazine)
TWASTime Weighted Average Spread (finance)
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'Twas the sword hangin' on the tent-pole changed my will.
"'Faith,' thinks I, 'that's Honour an' Glory'; for 'twas Lift'nint Brazenose did that job.
"'Twas a dear little orf'cer bhoy, an' by way av kapin' his heart up, I tould him fwhat I saw wanst in a draf in Egypt."
They come round me an' shuk me, an' I tould thim I was in privit employ wid an income av me own, an' a drrrawin'-room fit to bate the Quane's; an' wid me lies an' me shtories an' nonsinse gin'rally, I kept 'em quiet in wan way an' another, knockin' roun' the camp.'Twas bad even thin whin I was the Angil av Peace.
"Peg him out!' sez me orf'cer bhoy, up loud, just as if 'twas battalion p'rade an' he pickin' his wurrds from the Sargint.
'Twas a chilly night, an' faith, ut sobered Peg Barney.
'Twas an honest slave And well deserved some better recompense.
MESSENGER The Isthmian commons have resolved to make Thy husband king--so 'twas reported there.
If you consider the first Duck game (or any Duck game) the best day of the year, 'Twas the Night Before Duckmas is for you.
The Prize was instituted by TWAS 5 years ago to honour the world famous scientist Prof.
He said, 'The Prize was instituted by TWAS 5 years ago to honour the world famous scientist Prof.
The T-wave alternans (TWA) has been considered as one of the most promising markers of sudden cardiac death (SCD) over the past 10 years.