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Hb, Hct, red blood cell (RBC), mean cell Hb concentration, mean cell Hb, mean cell volume, total white blood cell (TWBC), neutrophil, lymphocyte, monocyte, and eosinophil were analyzed using an hematological autoanalyzer (Sysmex KX-21N) following manufacturer's guideline.
variable Baseline 12 weeks after GA intake Mean [+ or -] SD Mean [+ or -] SD P.V Hemoglobin g/dl 12.5 [+ or -] 1.1 12.7 [+ or -] 1.2 0.6 MCV fl 84.9 [+ or -] 6.7 83.5 [+ or -] 7.3 0.2 MCH pg 27.5 [+ or -] 2.6 27.8 [+ or -] 2.7 0.2 Platelets [10.sup.3] /uL 314 [+ or -] 75 325 [+ or -] 78 0.2 TWBC [10.sup.3] /uL 7.4 [+ or -] 2.4 7.6 [+ or -] 2.3 0.3 Figure 3: Effect of Gum Arabic intake on ESR Level (P.V=0.011).
A higher level of RDW, TWBC, and polymorphs can be observed in breast cancer patients [18].
Hemoglobin (Hb), RBCs, TWBCs, and PLTs were considered to be measured directly, three hydraulic subsystems were used to determine the hemogram; the WBC channel, the RBC channel, the plats channel, and a separate Hb channel.
The serum levels of CK, TWBC and SOR were compared between LSLTEG, LSUTEG and LSDTEG in the acute exercises as markers of muscle injury.
Total WBC (TWBC) count and eosinophil count and MCHC are significantly higher in construction workers than the control group except TWBC count whereas PCV and MCV show significantly lower values in construction workers in comparison to control group.
Analysis of the results revealed that glucose (P less than 0.001), TRBC (P less than 0.001), MCV (P less than 0.001), TWBC (P = 0.02), PCV (P = 0.005) concentrations were significantly lower in CGP 35348 treated than untreated albino mice following brain damage at postnatal day 10 (Table 1).
The Women's Business Clubs (TWBC) says it is committed to improving the business lives of all women in the UK and offering a range of online and offline services that provide business support to members.
The blood was obtained through retro orbital sinus or by cardiac puncture of mice and used for estimation of hematological parameters such as total white (TWBC) and red blood cells (TRBC), blood glucose level, packed cell volume (PCV) and mean corpuscular volume (MCV) and serum biochemical parameters such as alanine transaminase (ALT), aspartate transaminase (AST), total protein, cholesterol, high density lipoprotein (HDL), low density lipoprotein (LDL) and triglycerides using Hitachi 902 automatic analyzer (Japan) following Khadim et al.
Investigation of total WBC count revealed that 56% of study subjects had TWBC count more than 10,000.
The serum levels of CK and LDH, TWBC as well as SOR were compared between LSEEG and HSEEG in the acute exercises as markers of muscle injury.