TWEATrading with the Enemy Act
TWEATucson Waldorf Education Association (Tucson, AZ)
TWEATrue Worshipper Ecclesiastical Association (Olney, MD)
TWEATime Warner Entertainment Australia PTY Limited
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25) While TWEA and IEEPA are not the only laws covering trade sanctions, recent cases have been prosecuted under TWEA, IEEPA, and the corresponding legislation from the State of New York.
Until 1977 the broad range of economic authorities granted by TWEA could be exercised both in times of war and in times of national emergency.
IEEPA replaced TWEA as the statutory authority for a Presidential declaration of a national emergency in peacetime for the purpose of imposing economic sanctions.
Clearly, CPAs involved with a global corporation need to be aware of the sanctions programs related to TWEA and IEEPA in order to avoid problems with contracts and employment decisions.
164) TWEA had become a source of concern for Congress because it prevented Congress from inquiring into the validity of the President's actions.
Corrine Sanchez is a member of TWEA Women United, a group that advocates for women, peace and environmental issues.
resident after moving to suburban Philadelphia in 1996, was convicted of at least seven TWEA violations that allegedly occurred while he was still living in Canada;
The scope of TWEA is similarly broad, covering the "acquisition holding, withholding, use, transfer, withdrawal.
section] 9--authorizes the President, "in time of war or during any national emergency declared by the President," to sell foreign assets frozen under TWEA notwithstanding the existence of a suit by a person claiming that the property was improperly frozen or that he is otherwise legally entitled to the property if "the interest and welfare of the United States require the sale .