TWEHTung Wah Eastern Hospital (Hong Kong)
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Tweh Memorial High School is one of the higher institutions of learning in the district, saying, 'We all grew up from here; it is against this that the National Klao Association on behalf of its Chairman, Dr.
Tweh School is something that these students want to see happening', he says.
Speaking to scores of supporters in district #10 headed by Representative Yekeh Kolubah of the opposition bloc, Mayor Koijee notes, 'I may not like Amos Tweh though he's from the Unity Party, but let me say this to you, he's a young man of this generation; he deserves to be given a chance.
In a PowerPoint presentation, Minister Tweh said the Government's strategy is to use developing countries including Rwanda, Ghana and Cote d'Ivoire as benchmarks and apply lessons learned to develop Liberia.
According to a dispatch from Liberia's Mission to the United Nations, Minister Tweh identified weak macroeconomic performance, poor infrastructure, deplorable education and health systems, wasteland of Liberian agriculture and extremely weak private sector as problems that need to be addressed.
Minister Tweh explained that critical investments would also be made to improve access to and quality of education and build human capacity in the health sector.
Tweh argues that one indication of government's commitment is the budget recast that was recently submitted to the 54th Legislature, cutting down wages and demonstrating commitment to addressing pro-poor issues.
Tweh says over the next several weeks, government will unveil what is a roadmap to its new development strategy to the public.
Tweh did not only announced a cut in the NEC's proposed budget for the by-election from US3.9 million to US1.5 million, but added while explaining his government's pro-poor agenda that he would rather spend monies on other programs than 'elections that are not necessary.'
Speaking to this paper over the weekend, a victim of the Randall Street Community Josiah Tweh claimed that nothing is being done to rebuild their lives after the destruction of their properties by fire.
Tweh blamed government for the disaster, claiming that if government had stopped foreigners from building on the alley, the number of people who were affected by the fire wouldn't have been so many.
Tweh, the recent fire incident that gutted three stores and his house allegedly resulted from building in the alley, saying when Fire Service went on the scene, there was no way for them to reach his house because structures were built in the alley leading to his house.