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Y Llew - y Cymro sy'n methu stopio siarad am y British Leions, sy'n poeni mwy am bwy sydd wedi "rhoi eu llaw lan i fynd ar yr awyren" nag am yr hyn sy'n digwydd i'w wlad, ac sydd wrthi ers cyn Dolig yn dweud y bydde'n dda cael Dwayne ar yr awyren (er ei fod wedi anafu), a'i bod yn wych fod Lloegr yn gryf nawr "achos ma'r Leions yn dod lan, twel, a ma gwd chans da nw, ond bod Gatland wedi neud big mistec yn cwyno am y Gwyddelod achos O'Connell fydd capten y Leions achan..."
2, "The Wraith," "Silence," "A Spiritual," "The Poor'-although the middle stanza differs, "Morning Song of Love," "The Murdered Lover," "On the Dedication of Dorothy Hall," "To a Dead Friend," "The Fount of Tears," "Winter-Song" with a varied chorus, "Parted"-both one and two, "Appreciation," "Love's Draft," "A Musical," "Twel De Night Is Pas,' ""Kidnapped," "The Change," "The Death of the First Born," "Night," "The Masters," "When Winter Darkening All Around," "From the Porch at Runnymede," "A Thanksgiving Poem," "Emancipation," "Common Things," "To Alice Dunbar," "To a Poet and a Lady," "Song" ("De bee hit sip some honey" [1.1]), and "Content"-"Day" has only two stanzas, one in abcb and the other abab; whereas "Justice has the same pattern for the first stanza, but aabb for the second.
In the first half of this paper, the concepts of first-, second-, and third-order change will be defined and illustrated with reference to the twel ve-step recovery approach of AA.
Adapted by Tim Supple and David Tushingham from Salman Rushdie's book, the stage version uses all the imagination-stimulating devices that made Supple's Grimm Tales and Twel fth Night so memorable at the Young Vic.