TWEMThe Well-Educated Mind (book)
TWEMTerrestrial Wildlife Exposure Model (Army Risk Assessment Modeling System; US DoD)
TWEMTilburgsche Wieler en Motorbaan (Dutch: Tilburgsche Cycling Track and Motor; Amsterdam, Netherlands)
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Twem are 80-1, possibly because there are equally persistent rumours that Diva Fever, rather than they, will be given a lifeline.
First, the "derived" intransitive verb twetwe contrasts with its transitive counterpart, twem. Second, the incorporated object nominal mitmit in (17) cannot be modified by a determiner or a numeral.
FYD SI'S VERDICT Maybe a dark horse HUSTLE SI'S VERDICT Determined, quite talented ONE DIRECTION SI'S VERDICT One's to watch PRINCES AND ROGUES SI'S VERDICT What they try is too difficult THE REASON SI'S VERDICT Likeable and genuine guys BELLE AMIE SI'S VERDICT Some are good singers DIVA FEVER SI'S VERDICT They'll be lucky to go through TWEM SI'S VERDICT Funny, quite likeable
Just in Vanderhyde and Parisian twins Twem also made it through to the next stage, despite splitting the judges with their performances.
The Reason - Marc Higgins, Nathan Rawlings, Glen Vine, Scott White Twem - Medhi and Samir Beni Nouh Diva Fever - Josef Al-Smadi, Craig Saggers
FRENCH twins Twem have slated Jedward - saying: "Don't compare us to them.
In Dublin we met the "Parisian Jedward" Twem - talent-free French twins who Cheryl Cole described as "infectious".
French twins Samir and Mehdi, who call themselves Twem, tell the judges: "Twem means twins in Arabic.
X FACTOR identical French twins Twem once swapped places to trick a girlfriend - and fooled her for seven days.