TWESTraining / Work Experience Scheme (UK)
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In the TWE component of CWT (CWT/TWE), employers contract with the CWT program to fill job openings or to perform identified tasks.
The summary also documents participation in paid employment (including TWE and SE) in the 90 days prior to discharge.
In self-protection and airborne EW systems, the main programs for comb at aircraft and helicopters are currently: Spectra for Rafale, ICMS for Mirage 2000-5/-9, TWE for F-16, Tiger, Cougar, and NH90; and the Kestrel ESM/ELINT systems for the UK Royal Navy EH101 Merlin.
The quarterly updates document participation across the entire CWT continuum, including competitive employment as part of and outside of SE, TWE, sheltered workshops, National Industries for the Severely Handicapped (NISH) jobs, volunteer employment, and vocational training.
Similarly, rates of TWE are lower at the mentor-trainer sites than at the non-mentor-trainer sites, with 40 percent of individuals in a TWE placement at the mentor-trainer sites compared with 63 percent at the non-mentor-trainer sites.