TWFRTemporary Work Force Reduction
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A TWFRS Spokesperson added: "A new recruitment campaign is being planned to take place before the end of the financial year, March 2020.
However the L*-value of PM muscles in the TWFR group was just 47.96, suggesting that water-misting sprays with forced ventilation after transport during summer had reduced stress and was beneficial for breast meat color.
In the present study, drip loss of meat from the TWFR group was lower (3.40%) compared with TR group (5.18%) (p<0.05).
The CK activity decreased (p<0.05) in the TWFR group when compared with the other groups, with the T group having the highest CK activity.
In the present study, although the TR group had significantly reduced plasma LDH activity, the TWFR group was lower (3.41 vs 2.45; p<0.05).
Compared with the T and TR groups, the TWFR group was significantly different for lactate and GP.