TWFTTactical Water Filtration Truck (UltraStrip product)
TWFTThurstone Word Fluency Test (neurology)
TWFTTighty Whities and a Farmer's Tan (Joe Cartoon video)
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Closely aligning with TWFT, the CoST provides a means from which to interrogate student knowledge of the spelling system without confining spelling achievement into a specific stage or phase of development.
The results also align with the fundamental principle underpinning TWFT that learning to spell 'depends on developing awareness of phonological, orthographic, and morphological word forms .
In the first 2 runs we found a positive TWFT, which indicates that Priority I jobs had a higher weight on the indicator than the Priority II jobs.
The value of the objective function without tmp is TWFT = -5191.
Performance Measure Case 1 Case 2 TWFT 1185 -2285 Makespan 41 48 Use of workshop 68.3% 58.3% Ready time of first job 0 5 [C.sub.min] 6 21 TFT: [summation]([C.sub.i] - 183 284 [r.sub.i]) Initial delay: [summation] -201 -100 ([C.sub.i] - [d.sub.i]) Table 7 Performance Measures in the 9 experiments.
"The TWFT technology is based on the Mobile Emergency Filtration System that was tested and verified by the EPA through its Environmental Technology Verification Program," said Mickey Donn, president of Ecosphere Systems.
To date, Ecosphere has produced its first prototype of the TWFT, which the Staurt, Fla.-based company is targeting toward disaster relief, military and homeland security agencies.
The structure of the spelling test instrument closely aligns with the components of spelling that define TWFT. It also utilises an error-analysis technique that is characteristic of the spelling inventories provided by stage theorists (see, for example, Bear et al., 2012).
Each word is analysed in terms of specific linguistic errors that may be made by the student and is informed by TWFT. In the CoST, each linguistic error is scored and categorised into one of three subscales: Phonological Component; Orthographic Component; and Morphological Component.