TWHSThe Woodlands High School (Texas)
TWHSThomas Worthington High School (Ohio)
TWHSTopeka West High School (Topeka, KS)
TWHSTunbridge Wells High School (Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK)
TWHSTraditional Water Harvesting Systems
TWHSThat's What He Said
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Three drivers (technological advances, government and incentive market drivers), and effective TWH marketing, have lead to the growth of TWHs in the U.S.
* Advances in water heating technology and controls establishing TWHs as high-efficiency alternatives to gas-fired storage water heaters, especially condensing TWHs.
* Outlet Temperature Fluctuation - During changes in hot water demand, TWHs modulate the thermal input via burner staging and/or gas valve and combustion blower modulation.
* Long-term health actions -- identified by the TWH who is responsible for maintenance and improvements.
The leadership skills are measured for each TWH, EM, and LE for each pyramid.
The energy consumption associated with an individual draw can be determined for TWHs because the energy usage is coincident with hot water usage.
StWHs installed in this project had an input rating of 40,000 Btu/hr, and the TWHs had input ratings ranging from 30,000 to 199,900 Btu/hr.
Paul metropolitan area leaves the water treatment plants with hardness below the maximum levels recommended by tankless water heater (TWH) manufacturers.
One aforementioned disadvantage of TWHs is that the outlet temperature can be difficult to control.
Unfortunately, while accurate temperature control is important in TWHs, it is also difficult to achieve.
There are several mechanisms that lead to reduced energy consumption when using TWHs instead of storage water heaters.
Less obvious, but very significant, is the potential for TWHs to decrease the heat loss through the hot water distribution system.