TWIATexas Windstorm Insurance Association (Austin, TX)
TWIAThai Weaving Industry Association (Bangkok, Thailand)
TWIAThis Week in America (Ric Bratton podcast)
TWIAThe Welding Technology Institute of Australia
TWIATime Warner Internal Audit
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Rates for programs like the NFIP and TWIA should be raised at least to market levels.
Hayden argued that the motion to compel appraisal should be denied because the dispute concerned coverage--not the amount of loss and that TWIA waived its right to compel appraisal when TWIA waited until seven days after he declared his intent to file suit to cite the appraisal provision.
Policymakers should consider options to reduce TWIA risk through meaningful financial incentives to private insurers for taking business away from TWIA.
Lawmakers have long called for reforms to TWIA, which likely doesn't have enough reserves to pay out claims if another big storm hits Texas.
TWIA /TFPA (the Associations) issue this Request for Qualifications (RFQ) from qualified call centersto
TWIA and TFPA issue this Request for Information (RFI) seeking detailed information from qualified Claims Management System (CMS) providers ( Bidder or Bidders ) interested in providing services to TWIA and TFPA.
TWIA, she said, is insolvent and would be under the insurance department's control with a ban on writing new policies, if it were a private company.
David Dewhurst asks for TWIA review, Austin American-Statesman
Qualification are invited for Call centers to handle the reporting of claims, 24/7/52, on an around-the-clock basis to TWIA and TFPA from their policyholders, agents, as well as the customer care of those policyholders.
Those accusations came to light in deposition testimony by Jim Oliver, the former head of TWIA, taken in February.
The board supervises the entire operations of TWIA and implements the duties set forth in Chapter 2210 of the Texas Insurance Code.