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TWICTransportation Worker Identification Credential (US Transportation Security Administration)
TWICThis Week in Common (Earlham School of Religion)
TWICThis Week In Chess
TWICTo Whom It Concerns
TWICTransportation Worker Identity Card
TWICTransportation, Water, and Infrastructure Committee (Canada)
TWICThe World Internet Center (Palo Alto, CA)
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The new contract is for a web-hosted TWIC reading system.
It is difficult to comprehend what particular access longshore workers have that warrants the TWIC program's extreme degree of scrutiny and public expense," it submitted.
TWIC is nothing more than a $130 flash pass that does little more than a normal ID card would, he said.
We are excited about customers deploying the combination of our handheld TWIC readers, the MaxIDentity Suite software and the MaxIDentity Services, our Cloud-based identity services for end-to-end TWIC solutions.
TSA, Coast Guard, and the maritime industry took a number of steps to enroll 1,121,461 workers in the TWIC program, or over 93 percent of the estimated 1.
Both fixed and mobile TWIC enrollment centers have been established through out Alaska in places like Cordova, Craig, Dutch Harbor, Haines, Juneau, Ketchikan, Kodiak, Nikiski, Sitka, Skagway, Valdez and Wrangell.
It is key that TWIC is [fully funded],' said Captain Joseph Ahlstrom, professor of maritime transportation at SUNY Maritime College in Bronx, N.
The TWIC program is specifically intended to address the threats and vulnerabilities present in the transportation system and was designed to prevent unauthorized access to secure areas on airports, seaports, rail, pipeline, trucking, interposal, and mass transit facilities.
The TWIC will be a smart card and will include a biometric feature.
The contract is for a web-hosted TWIC reading system, similar to the one the company recently provided to the port of Portland in Oregon.