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TWIGSTo Work in Gaining Skills (youth arts outreach; Baltimore, MD)
TWIGSTogether We Initiate Growth and Sharing (est. 1978; LeBonheur Children's Hospital; Memphis, TN)
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The stallion was last, and with a prodigious leap, the lion catapulted through the air to seize him; but the snapping twig had robbed Numa of his dinner, though his mighty talons raked the zebra's glossy rump, leaving four crimson bars across the beautiful coat.
He seemed, for example, to recall characters in them who had the knack of going through forests without letting a single twig crack beneath their feet.
He was debating within himself the advisability of trying to find words to express this sentiment, when Mr Pickering, the modern Chingachgook, trod on another twig in the background and Elizabeth stopped abruptly with a little cry.
He wrote with terrible rapidity, the twig in his fingers rilling blood without renewal; but in the middle of a sentence his hands denied their service to his will, his arms fell to his sides, the book to the earth; and powerless to move or cry out, he found himself staring into the sharply drawn face and blank, dead eyes of his own mother, standing white and silent in the garments of the grave!
At first they could not break it, but when they took it twig by twig they broke it easily.
A twig cracked sharply under Pollyanna's foot, and the man turned his head.
She kept her eyes on the ground to make sure that no twig nor stone tripped her hurrying feet.
At TWIGS, the holistic and progressive curriculum, based on age-appropriate challenges and extracurricular activities, fosters knowledge, values, and life skills in children at the pre-nursery, nursery, kindergarten I, and kindergarten II levels.
In the main-wing stair banisters, Rodriguez has replaced the common scallop garland with embellished tamarind twigs. The small tables in the public spaces are adorned with dainty vases of silk poinsettias and golden balls.
Pattinson's last public romance was with singer-songwriter FKA Twigs. The two ended their engagement in 2017.
"If you cut it too late, the sugar in the stems will rot the twigs down."