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TWINKIESTests With Inorganic Noxious Kakes in Extreme Situations (Rice University) :-)
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To meet this goal, these corporations make foods with addictive properties to maximize consumption--which is how we ended up with Twinkies on the shelves.
The revival of the 86-year-old company behind the Twinkie, which briefly disappeared four years ago, turned on one bold decision.
These include Pumpkin Spice Twinkies and Peppermint Ho Hos, as well as such treats as candy-topped brownies through a partnership with Mars' M&MS and Milky Way brands.
Thus, consumers unable to wait another 24 hours could pick up the first-run batch of Twinkies with collectible packaging exclusively at Walmart.
Though Mexico's Grupo Bimbo seemed interested, in the end no one else bid, and the snack cake business, including not just Twinkies but other cakes such as Suzy Q's and Cup Cakes, is going to the private equity firms.
Per the terms of the agreement, Apollo and Metropoulos will acquire certain Hostess Snacks brands, including, among others, Twinkies, Mini Muffins, Cup Cakes, Ho Hos, Zingers and Suzy Q's, and five Hostess Snacks bakeries located throughout the United States.
For survivalists who've been counting on Twinkies to sustain them after the apocalypse: Never fear.
The Joy Formidable @ University Students' Union, Cardiff (January 28) | FRONTED by the blonde-bobbed, guitar-shredding Ritzy Bryan, this North Wales group are a bit like Twinkies and root beer - that is to say, big in the States, not so much here.
With arbitration having failed to prevent a shutting clown of Hostess, the future of the combrands, including Twinkies, is uncertain.
Given this fresh material to work with, cartoonists had a field day, with images that included eight men dressed in black lifting a casket-sized Twinkie into a hearse; a Twinkie headstone with the inscription "R.I.P., 1930-2012; and a likeness of Stonehenge made of giant Twinkies.
Hostess Brands Inc., the Texas-based company that makes Twinkies and those other gastronomic delights often found in 7-Eleven stores and on the shelves at the end of grocery checkout counters, has shut down its ovens.